15 Parenting Hacks

With a baby on the way, I have been nervous about how well I am going to do as a mother. I do not want to completely ruin this little human being I have created. Don’t get me wrong, I am very excited. This is all I have ever wanted. Which is probably the reason I am so nervous too. Well moving along. I was on Pinterest the other day looking up some parenting hacks. There were a lot of good ones that I thought I would share with you.

1. Never ask open ended questions. Giving them a choice instead of asking what they want makes life a whole lot easier.
2. Put a crib sheet over a play pen to create shade and keep bugs at bay. Baby’s skin is way too delicate to be in full on sun. Using the crib sheet will help keep them protected.
3. Make a bracelet with your phone number on it. If they get lost, they have your phone number on their wrist to call you.
4. Use an inflatable pool to make a safe play area. The sides will easily keep baby from going too far. All of their toys will be in close proximity as well.
5. Create monster spray to ward off monsters. Pick up a lavender spray and take off the label. Use stickers to put monster spray on it. When you spray it in their room at night, it will give them comfort and the lavender will help them sleep.

monster spray
6. Put a key ring on a jacket zipper. Little fingers can easily grip the key ring to zip up their jacket.
7. Put Capri Sun in the freezer for a slushy. Not as much sugar, but just as good.
8. Use a pizza cutter to make child sized bites. This one will definitely come in handy.
9. Create a morning checklist. Kids will get into a routine by having to check items off each morning.
10. Fill an ice cube tray with aloe. These feel so good on a sunburn.
11. Use the pocket jelly method for peanut butter and jelly. Only put jelly on the inside of one piece of bread. Put peanut better around it and on the outside of the other piece.

pocket method
12. Put puppy pads under crib sheets. This makes cleaning middle of the night messes up a breeze.
13. Use a laundry basket in the bathtub. It helps keep baby upright and their toys close to them.
14. Remove marker and crayon with toothpaste. Believe me, this will save your walls.
15. Use a plastic cup as a sparkler shield. Scared kids will now be able to have fun with sparklers.

That brings us to the end. There are many more out there, but these were some of my favorites. I hope you enjoyed them as well as I did. My mind is more at piece knowing there are ways to get through this crazy life. Have a great day!

-Love, Chelsea