2017 Goals and Objectives

New Years Resolutins

I’d like to start by saying that New Year’s Resolutions are simply your plans to be a healthier, more productive, and more fulfilled individual.  So don’t let them daunt you.  I prefer to think of them as Goals and Objectives because they are something exciting to work toward acheiving rather than oppressions hanging around your neck!

1. Move Daily Toward Being Healthy

With my grandson

Trey and Me

In the past couple of years, I have really gotten out of shape physically.  I’m 53, and I know that if I don’t use it, I’ll lose it.  This applies to muscle tone and flexibility as much as to anything else.  I used to throw my leg over my motorcycle and go.  Nowadays, I have trouble  climbing up the stairs because those joints just aren’t that flexible anymore.  Five years ago, when I came to Florida, I was in the best shape of my life.  I excerised I walked, and I ate better.  I need to get back there!

2. Get Organized

Desk organization

Everything in its place

I have several things going on in my life ( rental units, farm animals, Pampered Chef, Medicare advantage sales/business, new grandson, website/group), and this year we’re contemplating adding more (real estate, dog breeding).  I have an urgent need to get everything in place and organized.  I am so not that person, but I need to work to be that person.  You can help me with my projects in that direction.  Trust me, we’ll keep it fun!

3. Serve God Daily

Im still trying to determine what this looks like in my life, but it is a goal I really want to achieve.   I go to church regularly and participate when I can.  But I don’t want it to be “when I can.”  I want to always be doing something that God would have me to do.  Life gets in the way, but if we change our focus, we can change our life.  And that’s my intention!

Im going to stop my list right there with my personal goals, because it already seems like a tall order!  And I haven’t even touched on my business goals.  They’re somewhat easier to achieve because you just have to apply yourself and get ‘er done!

Working Through Goals

Road to Success

1. Recipes

I want to establish a recipe section that includes things that I’ve made for years, but really don’t have a “recipe” for, and things that I just love.   I also want to include some of my mother’s favorites.  She’s gone now, but her memory lives in many of the recipes I’ve known and loved through the years.  A familiar aroma can instantaneously trigger memories of your favorite people!

2. Shopping Cart

I’d like to get a shopping page set up on our website so that we can share some of our favorite things with our readers.  Our coconut oil soap and diaper rash relief are just a couple to start with!


By the end of the year, I’d like to have at least 365 followers.  That’s only one per day.  A stretch goal would be 1000, but I’m going to really have to develope more technical skills to achieve that one!

4. Puerto Rico Trip

Puerto arico resort

Resort in Puerto Rico

Oh, one more!  I have the chance to earn a trip to Puerto Rico in 2018 with my Pampered Chef business.  It’ll take a lot of work, but that ones definitely out there encouraging me to work harder!  It’s probably more of a personal goal than a business goal, right?

So that’s the plan!  For me anyway.  We’ll try and keep you informed on our progress this year, and it would be great if you would inspire and encourage us.  If you’d like to comment with your goals, we’ll try to encourage and inspire you as well!  We’re in this together!

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