Spring Is In The Air

Well, it’s that time!  There are very few times here in north central Florida when you don’t have to run the heater or the air conditioner.  Those are my favorite times.  I consider the weather to be “perfect.” I just love when I can go outside and work without sweating a river or needing a […]

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Parvo Is Alive and Well

Healthy Great Pyrenees

I have had many dogs with Parvovirus in my lifetime.  Mostly when I was much younger and just becoming aware of the virus and its devastating effect on the canine species.  I lost many young hunting dogs to the horrible green vomit and diarrhea associated with the disease.  Severe dehydration is what actually kills the […]

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Geese on the Homestead

Flock of Toulouse geese

I’ve wanted to add geese to our little homestead for several years now.  Every time I see them,  I’m fascinated by their long necks and squat bodies.  I love how they can maneuver and use those necks as appendages.  Peering over edges, around corners, and even underneath surfaces.  They are a never ending source of […]

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Do Goats And Rabbits Eat Citrus?

This is my Nigerian Dwarf doe, Uno.  As you can see in this pic, she really loves ruby red grapefruit.  We feed a sweet feed, but like to supplement as much as possible.  We get produce from businesses that can no longer be sold, but is still great for our animals.  We feed them everything […]

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