Money Saving Tips

With my baby boy coming in a couple of months, I have been looking for ways to save some money. I won’t be working so much in needing to stay home with the baby. We will be down to one income. Every little bit of money we can save will help. I have taken the time to compile a list of 30 ways to save money and I am going to share it with you.

17 Things Our Grandparents Did When �Green� Was Just A Color - I love to hang my clothes out on the line.:

  1. Buy discounted gift cards at
  2. To save about 6% on your electric bill, hang your clothes on a clothesline to dry.
  3. Sign up with to earn cash back while shopping online.
  4. Find discount codes on to save even more while shopping online.
  5. Cut sponges in half to have twice as many.
  6. Time items you do not need and swap for items you do.
  7. There are many sites you can sign up for to get free samples mailed to you.
  8. Take advantage of reward programs at your local grocery stores.
  9. Buy clothes at the end of the season.
  10. Use to get deals on entertainment.
  11. will give you a list of free tours by state.
  12. Put a plastic bottle in the toilet to use less water.
  13. Buy from a farmer’s market to get better produce cheaper.
  14. Unplug electrical items when not in use to stop using phantom electricity.
  15. Make homemade cleaning products which are cheaper and safer.
  16. Ask your doctor about cheaper prescription options.
  17. Order pet medicine from
  18. is a great site to get cheap contact lenses.
  19. When you need a dental exam, go to a dental school near you.
  20. Use The Grocery Game, Inc to combine coupons with sales for extra savings.
  21. Plant a garden.
  22. Cook from Scratch.
  23. Cut out cable.
  24. Make a meal plan to stop mindlessly spending on food.
  25. Use a budget.
  26. Refrain from eating out except for special occasions.
  27. use Ibotta and Checkout 51 to get money back when you scan your receipts.
  28. Buy secondhand.
  29. Buy from the very top or bottom shelves at the grocery store. They stock the most expensive items in the middle at eye level.
  30. Keep snacks in the car to cut out gas station and drive through runs.

Raised Bed Gardening. I love this layout. The stones create a pathway through the garden. Climbing plants can be planted along the trellis. Flowers can be planted along the path. Herbs and veggies can be planted in the raised garden beds, and are protected from little critters eating them before you do!:

I hope some of these tips helped. I will be trying most of these in the coming months. If you do something that isn’t on this list, let us know so we can try it to. Have a great day everyone!